Push To Talk May Go Global

May 21 2003 - 03:19 PM ET | Push-to-talk, Rumor
C|Net is running a piece on Nextel's DirectConnect service. Word on the street is that they want to make it global. The system would rely on satellites to relay data around the globe at the speed of light. For more information on how Nextel's service works, check out How Stuff Works. MobileTracker Exlusive: In a related story, Sprint PCS's rogue "push-to-talk" service is the final stages of completion. According to a source inside the company it's considered to be "golden master". Most likely the hold up is on the marketig/phone production end. There is a slight delay when the connection is first started (to sync), but aftewards it works instantly. We have not yet confirmed if the service will be half-duplex like Nextel's (only one person can talk at a time).