DoCoMo To Market New Megapixel Phone

Jun 18 2003 - 08:34 PM ET | Camera, DoCoMo
NTT DoCoMo announced today that it will start to market the new Mova SH505i camera phone on June 20th. The phone boasts an impressive resolution of 1.0 megapixels which puts it in the small group of camera phones that take printable pictures (sub-megapixel images do not print at a reasonable size). Besides a spiffy camera, the phone boasts a 2.4" color screen, and SD memory slot, and a Macromedia Flash browser. One of the coolest (non-hardware) features is downloadable applications. It's got the ability to download a wide range of Java content, some of which allows users to customize applications that ship with the phone (such as the address book and email program). It's not clear how much customizing can be done, but just the fact that you can customize is cool. There is no Bluetooth, so syncing must be done via Infared or the internet (the data speeds are that of regular dial up).