Handspring Shows Off Treo 600

Jun 18 2003 - 12:41 PM ET | Camera, Handspring, PDA Phone
treo_600_raw.jpgThe much talked about Treo 600 is finally here. C|Net has been leaking details for a while now, but an official release went out this morning. The device will initially be available in two versions, a CDMA version will be offered by Sprint PCS in the US, while a GSM version will be offered by Orange S.A. in Europe. Other carriers are expected to hop on. It is not clear if a GSM carrier like T-Mobile USA will pick up the European version in the states. As a device, it looks killer. The Treo 600 features Palm OS 5, a QWERTY mini-keyboard (with T9 text input as well), an ARM processor, a built in VGA camera, and a proxyless web browser. It's a lot smaller than previous Treos, but still looks usable. There is a video of it in action over at its new official page.