Sony Ericsson gaining market share [updated]

Jul 15 2003 - 02:59 PM ET | Sony Ericsson
sony_ericsson.jpgThey may be bleeding cash, but at least Sony Ericsson is gaining some market share. According to this Reuters article, the company sold 6.4% of phones in the last quarter compared to 5% in the first quarter. The new T610 was its best selling GSM model in Europe. The company is the only one of the top 5 phone makers not making money, and declined to say when it would be profitable. It looks like the T608 will not be shipping (see previous report). Cutting the CDMA unit in North America was a cost cutting move, along with trimming 500 jobs (most likely having to do with the CDMA unit). Also, look for new handsets from the company in September. No details are available at this time. Update: There seems to be some confusion... Our source for the "no T608" bit of this post is Reuters. We are not "guessing" or even pulling data from anonymous sources. We're just spitting out what the company noted in its financial statement. When more credible stories come our way, we will post a new story. If you want to vent, comments have been activated.