N-Gage ships Oct. 7th

Jul 20 2003 - 03:28 PM ET | Nokia, Unique
The report back in May turned out to be correct--the Nokia N-Gage will ship in October (the 7th to be exact), and will cost $299 US. The high-end gaming device sports a high-resolution screen, Bluetooth and an MP3 player. Not to mention a GSM cell phone. Such titles as Tony Hawk Pro Skater and Tomb Raider will be available and are expected to help sell the device. It's going to be interesting to see if the N-Gage succeeds since its core market probably lacks the $299 and the interest in some of the higher end features. Finally, according to reports, pre-orders started yesterday. However, we have not heard of specific retailers actually taking these orders. If you have any dirt on the N-Gage, let us know. Update: Both Gamestop and EBgames are taking pre-orders. Thanks Jason! Advert: Have you seen MobileTracker Boards yet?