Samsung VGA1000 camera phone debuts

Aug 12 2003 - 11:35 AM ET | Camera, Samsung, Sprint Nextel
sprint_vga1000.jpgSamsung's newest offering for the Sprint PCS network isthe VGA1000. This is the 6th picture phone that Sprint has launched in the US, making it a leader among the major carriers (Verizon Wireless only hopped on the picture bandwagon a month ago). Here's the scoop on the phone: * Built-in flash, fun frames, 10-second voice clips for any Picture Mail * An external picture color Caller ID screen (with 65K colors) as well as a large 65K color TFT main screen * For game enthusiasts, you can score an attachable PCS GamePad for $39.99 (Sprint's attempt at an N-Gage). It will cost you $159.99 ($259.99 before rebates), and is available both online and in Sprint retailers (though if you want to grab it locally, you might want to give it a week or two).