Sprint PCS gets name ringers

Aug 22 2003 - 09:28 AM ET | Ringtones, Sprint Nextel
If a normal polyphonic ring tone is too passé for you, check out what Sprint PCS is offering. The program is dubbed "name ringers" and it's basically a collection of ringtones made just for people with common names. Sounds crazy, so here's an example: bq. Amy might hear, "Amy… Amy… Amy… Oh, Amy… Pick up the phone," The only problem that we see with this is that since it only works for common names (they have to make the ringtones, it's not a voice synth), when your phone goes off, all the Amy's in the room start checking their phones. If you want your very own, go to the PCS Vision part of your phone and make a selection. Name ringers cost $2.50 (but you should only need one!).