4 Siemens fashion phones announced

Oct 13 2003 - 10:42 AM ET | Siemens, Unique
Four new Siemens phones under the Xelibri brand have been announced. All of the models attempt to be at the cutting edge of style. It's not just style though, all of the phones include color displays, voice-dialing, polyphonic ringtones, and SIM cards that can be removed without opening the phone. Here's a brief look at the stylistic differences between the models: * Xelibri 5 - "angular trendsetter about the size of two matchboxes" * Xelibri 6 - Mimics the traditional compact, and even includes a mirror. * Xelibri 7 - In the shape of a clip, and can be easilyattached to the wearer. * Xelibri 8 - Worn as a necklace, and is activated by voice. The Xelibri 8 is shown at right, to enlarge the image please click on it. All four of these phones will begin to be sold this month through select retail outlets and Xelibri's web site. Pricing has not been announced, but we would guess that it is on the high-end given the intended market.