Cingular launches LG's first GSM phones

Nov 09 2003 - 12:38 PM ET | Cingular, LG Mobile Phone
Cingular Wireless has announced that it has launched 2 new LG phones that use the GSM standard. Most of the phones from the manufacturer use the CDMA standard which is used by Verizon Wireless. The G4010 is designed with cost in mind, but does so with style. It's an amazing .79" thick, making it one of the smallest flip phones on the market. Some other notable features are its 40-chord polyphonic ringtones, EMS and GPRS highspeed data. The G4050 is the more advanced of the two. Under its hood sits a large 128x160 pixel 65K color LCD display, Java, GPRS and MMS. the LG g4050 also sports external OEL for caller ID. Both of these phones can be purchased at Cingular Wireless retail outlets or online. Cingular's GSM service isn't quite 100% of their network yet, so if these phones aren't available in your area yet, that's most likely why.