AT&T Wireless launches nationwide EDGE

Nov 18 2003 - 05:55 PM ET | AT&T Wireless, Data
ATT WirelessAT&T Wireless has announced nationwide coverage for EDGE high-speed data. The new technology pushes data over its GSM network 2 times faster than before. Average speeds hover around 100-130 kbps. Nokia recently announced several new EDGE compatible phones, and made it known that it's putting the technology on all of its future phones. The company also announced a PC card that provides EDGE acccess to your computer. The product which is aimed at business professionals costs $149.99, and is made by Sony Ericsson. The weakpoint of the system seems to be the price point. While unlimited access from T-Mobile costs $19.99 a month, AT&T Wireless charges $79.99. It's now faster, but at over 3 times the cost, it's a serious expenditure. has a great article on the new service. [via PhoneScoop]