Cingular ports first customer in major PR stunt

Nov 23 2003 - 11:22 PM ET | Cingular, Number portability
Cingular Wireless sent out a press release stating that it has ported its first customer--boxing champion Felix "Tito" Trinidad. Trinidad lives in Puerto Rico, so he was able to transfer at 11PM ET on November 23rd, an hour before anyone in the states. We're not sure how much Trinidad was paid, but since the press release was sent out at the same exact moment as the port request was processed, the transfer reeks of shameless promotion. Even better, Cingular provides satellite coordinates for a video of the transfer. Exciting! bq. "Cingular's offerings have always interested me, and I like how their service allows customers to rollover any unused minutes each month," said Trinidad, the native Puerto Rican and multi-division boxing champion. "I'm excited about finally being able to check out what Cingular has to offer -- without having to replace the wireless number I've used for a long time." - Felix Trinidad