Consumers want to keep phones

Dec 03 2003 - 02:57 PM ET | Number portability
According to C|Net, consumers are having a hard time justifying purchasing a new phone when they switch carriers. Quoting from the piece, "Consumer advocates are crying foul, saying carriers should be forced to find ways to guarantee interoperability of phones between networks." This shows a gross misunderstanding of how cell phones work. Most of the carriers in the states use different technology... A big no-no if you want to switch. If you want to move to a carrier with a different technology (CDMA to GSM for example), there is no chance your handset will be able to make the jump. However there are lots of good deals on phones if you sign a contract. If you're staying on the same technology (GSM to GSM for example), you will need to get the phone unlocked. Depending on the carrier, you'll be able to get your phone unlocked without much trouble. T-Mobile, for example, will unlock your handset without any questions. To find directions for unlocking phones from other carriers, consult Google. To find what technology your carrier uses, use Phone Scoop.