Experts: Phones won't replace cameras

Jan 18 2004 - 04:23 PM ET | Camera
Proving once again that, "they just don't get it", so called experts have decided camera phones won't replace old fashioned cameras. bq. "Cameras built into phones are perfect for "incremental" spur-of-the moment snapshots. But for vacations, weddings and other important events, consumer are likely to reach for a more powerful camera with a robust flash." Not suprisingly, most of the quotes in the fluff piece came from players in the dead tree camera industry. Most wireless hounds project huge sales for camphones throughout 2004. Consumers aren't looking to take wedding photos with their phones. They just want something for the times where everyone looks at eachother and says, "Man we need a camera!" The AP gets in on the bash fest with this story. According to the piece, only 6 million of the 72 million phones shipped in the US last year had cameras. However, it should be noted that most phone models in the US do not have cameras. They are hot sellers though--7 of the top 10 phones at mega-seller include cameras.