Vodafone to ship Sharp V801SH megapixel phone

Feb 02 2004 - 01:06 AM ET | 3G, Sharp, Vodafone
Sharp V801SHVodafone K.K. announced that starting in April, it will be shipping the Sharp V801SH. It's a new 3G handset made specially for the Vodafone network. It's aimed for use both in Japan and abroad. To accomplish roaming, the V801SH plays for both teams--both 3G and GSM. Here's a quick wrap up of the features. * Dual band 3G / GSM * Integrated megapixel resolution digital camera * SD memory card slot (16MB card included) * Compatible with Vodafone live! * CD-quality ringtones This phone will be sold only from Vodafone K.K. (Japan). However, since it's dual-band, you will be able to travel to other markets without needing another phone. We'll post more info when it ships in a few months. To view a larger image of the phone, please click on the thumbnail.