Siemens launches CX65, multimedia phone

Feb 11 2004 - 10:35 AM ET | Siemens
Siemens CX65Siemens has launched a high-end phone dubbed the CX65. It's geared toward picture and video messaging, and even includes an 11MB memory sandbox for multimedia storage. * "extra large" screen with 65K colors * Attachable flash * Animated download assistant It was not announced how large the screen actually is (in pixels), but judging from the picture, it's big. Click the photo at right to view a larger version. Siemens also announced a more consumer level handset called the CF62. While it still includes a color screen and polyphonic rings, it doesn't have a built in camera (you'll need an attachment). Both handsets should be available in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America sometime in Q2 of this year.