AT&T Wireless forcing customers to lose T68i's

Feb 27 2004 - 07:14 PM ET | AT&T Wireless, Sony Ericsson
According to AT&T Wirless customer Jonathan Hudson, AT&T Wireless is making him give up his Sony Ericsson T68i for a Sony Ericsson T226. Getting a new phone isn't normally a bad deal, but the T226 doesn't have the same features as the T68i (Bluetooth, IR, a built-in modem or voice activated dialing). According to a forum post, the switch is being made because AT&T Wireless is switching their network to the 850 band. There is a website developed by Sony Ericsson dedicated to how to switch from the T68i to the T226. We haven't seen a move like this before, but that's not to say it hasn't been done. But when it's easy enough to switch carriers, it might be time to not force your customers to change phones. A T226 can be purchased for a penny with a new service contract from AT&T Wireless. After an exclusive rebate, you net $120 profit.