FCC may allow Nextel spectrum switch

Mar 11 2004 - 11:09 AM ET | Nextel
USA Today is reporting that the FCC is leaning towards letting Nextel switch spectrum in a move to help the emergency system. We reported back in August that the FCC was looking for a solution for radio interference that is causing dead spots for emergency personel (police, fire, etc). Nextel was then even trying to work things out, but the fix wasn't up to snuff. However, every solution will take quite some time to complete. The proposed spectrum switch should take care of the problem, but other wireless carriers are crying foul. They claim that the deal is a gift to Nextel, and that the spectrum should be put on auction. Verizon Wireless claims its worth $7 billion, while other estimates peg it at around $1 billion. Nextel is the company causing most of the trouble.