AT&T Wireless losing 150K subscribers a month

Apr 02 2004 - 12:48 AM ET | AT&T Wireless
A report from the AP has AT&T Wireless losing as many as 150,000 subscribers per month. Number portability combined with the worst customer service in the industry looks like it has weighed heavy on AT&T Wireless: bq. The mounting defections from the company, which is being acquired for $41 billion by Cingular Wireless, are expected to leave AT&T Wireless with its first quarterly decline in subscribers, industry analysts at Bear Stearns and Smith Barney estimate.

Verizon Wireless, meanwhile, is boasting that it has won 10 subscribers from AT&T Wireless for every customer it has lost to that company in the four months since the ``keep-your-phone-number'' rules took effect in late November. We won't know the exact numbers until AT&T Wireless goes through it's statement, but it doesn't look good.