Vodafone K.K. ships TV phone

Apr 08 2004 - 01:24 PM ET | Unique, Vodafone
Vodafone K.K., the Japan based arm of Vodafone, has announced it will ship the Toshiba V401T towards the end of the month. The V401T includes a high resolution screen and a built-in analog TV tuner, which should combine to make it quite popular. Here's the rundown: * 2.2-inch QVGA Super Fine Poly-silicon TFT LCD with 260,000 colors * 1-inch STN-LCD sub display with 65,000 colors * Ability to record up to 12 minutes of TV * VGA resolution camera with zoom * 24MB memory The first Vodafone KK phone with a built-in TV tuner was the V601N by NEC. Vodafone K.K. also announced that it reached 15 million customers.