Sprint PCS intros new billing scheme

May 03 2004 - 11:47 AM ET | Sprint Nextel
Sprint PCS has announced a new billing strategy that is, "Aimed at permanently changing the wireless industry for the better." The first part of the plan is the introduction of Sprint PCS Fair & Flexible. Here's an example of a Fair & Flexible plan: bq. Sprint PCS Fair & Flexible is a tiered pricing plan providing a base 300 Anytime Minutes for $35 a month, then automatically adds more Anytime Minutes in 25- or 50-minute increments for just $2.50. (Pricing may vary.) The idea is to have customers avoid high overage fees. The company also states that because you don't need to worry about overage fees, you can get away with a smaller plan. Another part of the plan is the Sprint PCS Better Wireless Guarantee. It has three parts: * Customers that have had their phones for at leasat 18 months automatically get a $150 rebate on any new phone. * New customers have 14-days to return a phone without penalty. * Within the first three months of a contract, customers can switch to another plan of equal cost without fees or contract extenstion.