Survey: Americans don't like loud talkers

Jul 07 2004 - 12:47 PM ET | Sprint Nextel
Sprint PCS has announced the results of a survey about overhearing wireless conversations in public. Evidently Americans don't like it. The survey also found out that even though most agree that we're getting more rude as a whole, it's the other guy that is getting rude: bq. Nearly three out of four (73 percent) U.S. adults surveyed said people are less courteous in general today than five years ago, and a full eight out of 10 (80 percent) reported they felt people were less courteous when using a wireless phone today than five years ago. However, 97 percent of those surveyed classified themselves as very courteous or somewhat courteous in their use of a wireless phone, with the largest percentage of wireless-phone users rating themselves as very courteous. In case you weren't included in the original sample, you can go through an online survey provided by Sprint here (and yes, we got a very courteous score).