Motorola V710 now selling

Jul 30 2004 - 06:01 PM ET | Motorola
Our friends at Gizmodo are getting reader reports that the Motorola V710 is now in stock at Radio Shack. The V710 was highly anticipated due to it being one of the first CDMA phones with Bluetooth. For new customers who sign a 2-year contract, Radio Shack is charging $319.99 after rebate for the Motorola V710. According to postings at Gizmodo, the Bluetooth isn't all that great though: bq. I can tell you that, the Bluetooth services are few, you can use the phone as a modem, but with out the mobile phonetools software you can't even sync phone numbers and other contact information, the software doesn't run on OSX, so no Mac support There were reports that Verizon Wireless wanted the Bluetooth support as limited as possible so that customers were forced to purchase content through Verizon Wireless. The phone is not yet selling directly from Verizon Wireless, but should begin to in mid to early August.