Deal watch: Motorola V600 for free

Aug 08 2004 - 03:14 PM ET | Bargain, Cingular, Motorola
In this week's Best Buy Sunday insert there is a deal to get a Motorola V400 for $129.99 and a Motorola V600 for $249.99. There is a $50 rebate on the V400, and a $250 rebate on the V600. However, this deal requires a Cingular activation and Cingular has dropped and even recalled the V600 (this has likely spurred the deal). If you don't mind giving up your V600 for repair, this is a great deal. Another section of the insert notes that you can get a free Motrola Bluetooth headset or speaker with purchase of the Motorola V600 ($100 rebate). This makes the deal even sweeter. View exclusive scans of the insert after the jump. Click on thumbnails to supersize: