Motorola i315 released on Nextel

Sep 15 2004 - 03:12 PM ET | Motorola, Nextel
Motorola i315Nextel recently added the Motorola i315 to its phone lineup. The i315 is the first phone from Motorola to support Direct Talk, which is basically Direct Connect without a network available (works within 1-8 miles). Features of the i315 include: * All weather ruggedized housing * GPS * Speakerphone The Motorola i315 is available now from Nextel for $174.99. For more information on Direct Talk, read what Nextel says about it after the jump. Direct Talk is Nextel's all-digital off-network walkie-talkie service that works anywhere, anytime between compatible phones within a range of up to 2 miles. Direct Talk helps you get things done inside buildings, in remote locations, during emergency situations or other times when network coverage may not be available. Terrain, weather, foliage and man-made structures (such as buildings), among other things, may impact range availability. In-building usage may significantly reduce Direct Talk range. Direct Talk is not approved for use in all countries. Please check local laws before use.