Sidekick gets improved deaf features

Sep 15 2004 - 01:19 PM ET | Danger, T-Mobile
Danger today announced that its Hiptop2 (AKA Sidekick II) device will have improved features for deaf and hard of hearing users. This is in reaction to the influx of hearing impaired users that have taken to the Hiptop for its text/IM/email features. The features include a more powerful vibration motor, software support for recurring or persistent notifications, and internet relay applications. The Hiptop can hook in with (which as of early this week was promoting the Sidekick) and GoAmerica. Those two services allow users to make text-to-speech calls via a live operator. As of today T-Mobile USA Sidekick customers will have access to both services. Having such services available on a low-fee mobile device like the Sidekick is a breakthrough.