Flasher V7 first Virgin Mobile cam phone

Sep 20 2004 - 12:51 PM ET | UTStarcom (Audiovox), Virgin Mobile
Virgin Mobile USA Flasher V7Virgin Mobile USA today announced its first camera phone, the Flasher V7. The phone is made by Audiovox and is based on the Audiovox CDM-8910. Specs include: * VGA camera with LED flash * Speakerphone * 1xRTT data * 65,000 color display * Real music ringtones The Flasher V7 is also the first phone from Virgin Mobile USA that uses 1xRTT high-speed data. While Virgin will be using the Sprint PCS network like it always has, the company is calling its data offering VirginXL. The high-speed data will be used for faster downloads, WAP 2.0 browsing and an online photo service. Expect to pay $169.99 for the phone, it should be available starting next month.