Verizon Wireless expands 3G data network

Sep 22 2004 - 01:47 PM ET | Verizon Wireless
As expected, Verizon Wireless has announced new cities for BroadbandAccess, its EV-DO 3G data network. The new cities are: * Atlanta * Austin * Baltimore * Kansas City, KS/MO * Los Angeles * Miami/Fort Lauderdale * Milwaukee * New York * Tampa * West Palm Beach, FL According to Verizon Wireless: bq. BroadbandAccess commercial service is one of the fastest wide- area wireless Internet access services available in the nation, with typical user download speeds of 300-500 kilobits per second (kbps) and bursts up to 2 Mbps. BroadbandAccess service is priced at a flat rate of $79.99 monthly access with a one- or two-year contract. Verizon Wireless customers can now buy the Verizon Wireless PC 5220 card for $149.99 after $100 rebate with a two-year service agreement or $199.99 with a one-year service agreement.