Ogo launched by AT&T Wireless

Sep 27 2004 - 01:45 AM ET | AT&T Wireless, Data
AT&T Wireless OgoAT&T Wireless today launched the Ogo CT-10 wireless messaging device (email/IM/SMS). While newly announced today, the Ogo was no surprise--an FCC filing revealed details of the device prior to today's announcement. The Ogo costs $17.99 monthly for unlimited service, or $3 less per month for AT&T Wireless customers. The Ogo does not have the ability to make phone calls. The unit itself costs $99 after a $30 mail-in rebate. This is the only device from AT&T Wireless that does not make phone calls. Here is what it does have: * 4,000 color screen * Bluetooth * AOL/MSN/Yahoo! IM and portal (unlimited use of one is included in service charge, extras are $3 more a month) * 4.6" x 3" x 1" * 4.8 ounces You can purchase it starting today online or in select stores. More stores should be getting the Ogo in within the next few days. AT&T Wireless Ogo