AT&T Wireless Ogo to compete with Sidekick

Sep 13 2004 - 09:55 PM ET | AT&T Wireless, Rumor
AT&T WirelessAT&T Wireless has gotten the Ogo, a new data-centric mobile device, approved by the FCC. The Ogo looks to compete with the T-Mobile Sidekick II, though it lacks phone functions. Features of the ogo include: * Bluetooth with Personal Mobile Gateway which allows connection to other devices for more features (cameras, phones, etc) * QWERTY keyboard with 8-way keypad * E-mail, IM (AIM, MSN, Yahoo!) and SMS Plans will go for $14.99 a month for existing customers or $17.99 a month plus a $19.95 activation for new customers. For that price you get unlimited use of one email/IM service. You can add others for $3 a month. We have heard that the price will be around $129. Since the Ogo has not been announced, a launch date is unknown, but progress appears to be far along. You can download a full manual here. [via PhoneScoop]