Wacom pen tech coming to mobile phones

Sep 27 2004 - 11:02 AM ET | In The News
Wacom today announced that its popular wireless pen technology is coming to mobile phones. Wacom is known for making tablets that allow graphic artists to gain more control over their cursor--these tablets use wireless tools that do not need batteries (waving the pen over the tablet moves the cursor, touching it to the tablet counts as a click). The announcement today consists of a single chip solution, called W8002 mixed-signal IC, that should be available soon. bq. Developed to meet the needs of mobile phone and other consumer electronics manufacturers, it allows the easy integration of Wacom's proven inductive pen sensing technology into mobile devices, such as Smartphones and personal digital assistants. bq. The sensor is embedded behind the display, which ensures that the display is more durable, achieves 100 percent luminous light transmission and eliminates color washout. Additional advantages include the flight point feature, increased pressure sensitivity, increased input area and more accurate input control.