Audiovox 9900 ships on Verizon Wireless

Sep 30 2004 - 12:03 PM ET | UTStarcom (Audiovox), Verizon Wireless
audiovox cdm-9900 openVerizon Wireless will tomorrow start to ship the Audiovox CDM-9900. The Audiovox 9900 is a higher camera phone with video recording. Specs include: * 240x320 pixel (QVGA) 260,000 color Poly-Silicon TFT main display * 65,000-color STN LCD subdisplay * VGA resolution camera with flash and video recording * Speakerphone * 6.5 MB memory Update: MobileTracker has posted exclusive hands on photos of this phone. Review forthcoming. The Audiovox CDM-9900 will be available beginning tomorrow for $49.99 with a two-year customer agreement. Currently the phone is listed on Verizon Wireless' website with a pricetag of $219.99, but MobileTracker has confirmed that this price will change by tomorrow for the launch. At the $49.99 price point, we believe this is the cheapest phone in the US with a QVGA screen (the Sharp TM-150 costs $350). The Toshiba VM4050, which the Audiovox 9900 is based off of (they are very similar) costs $179.99. MobileTracker will publish a full review of the Audiovox CDM-9900 soon. Click on thumbnail at right to view full size. Another image follows after the jump. audiovox cdm-9900 closed