Motorola MPx220 launched by BestBuy

Oct 08 2004 - 03:48 PM ET | Motorola, Rumor, Smartphone
The highly anticipated Motorola MPx220 is starting a softlaunch at BestBuy stores nationwide. Reports of availibility have varied, but a Howard Forums user reports on sucess finding the phone at a BestBuy store in California. BestBuy stores in Tampa, Florida--where MobileTracker is based--did not have the MPx220 in stock but expect it soon. Pricing for the Microsoft powered smartphone is $349.99 with contract or $499.99 without contract. MobileTracker exclusively broke the story this week that AT&T Wireless has images of the MPx220 on its webserver, leading to speculation that the launch was very near. Other widespread rumors in the past few weeks have cited BestBuy as the first retailer to get the phone, pointing to a launch next week. This looks to be the case. [via MSMobiles]