Motorola MPx220 re-launched by Cingular

Sep 19 2005 - 03:43 PM ET | Cingular, Motorola, Smartphone

After a months long absence, Cingular has re-launched the Motorola MPx220 (originally launched 11 months ago). Priced at $249.99, the Windows Mobile powered smartphone is shown as now shipping. Features of the device include:

  • Windows Mobile 2003 software
  • 1.2 megapixel camera
  • 262k color screen
  • Quad-band GSM
  • Bluetooth

Cingular has a habit of re-launching Windows Mobile devices, this May it brought back the SMT 5600 (which is still being sold) after it being removed post AT&T Wireless merger. is selling the MPx220 with Cingular service for $99 after rebate.