Kyocera recalls 1M batteries

Oct 28 2004 - 02:04 PM ET | Kyocera
Kyocera Wireless today announced a recall of over 1 million mobile phone batteries, citing a possible burn danger. The problem stems from counterfeit batteries somehow making it into production phones shipping to consumers. The affected models are Kyocera Slider, K400, and 3200 Series cell phones. ALLTEL, Cricket Communications, MetroPCS, US Cellular and Verizon Wireless stores nationwide; telemarketing retailers; various Web sites; and regional phone carriers sold the cell phones with the recalled batteries Continue reading to find out if your Kyocera mobile phone is part of the recall. Listed below are the battery model numbers for the affected batteries. The battery has the Kyocera name printed in red and white along with the model number. If you have one of the listed numbers, visit this page or call (866) 559-3882. Kyocera Slider SE44 or SE47 * CV90-L305N-01 * CV90-L305P-01 * CV90-L305T-01 * CV90-L349T-01 *K400 Series (Phantom, Blade, Rave)* * CV90-K3040-03 * CV90-K3040-09 * CV90-K3040-10 * CV90-K3040-11 *3200 Series* * CV90-K3040-03 * CV90-K3040-09 * CV90-K3040-10 * CV90-K3040-11