Motorola: 20 new phones in Q4 (on time!)

Nov 08 2004 - 12:16 AM ET | Motorola
Motorola announced [Subscription req.] that it expects to launch 20 new mobile phones in the ramp up to the holidays, and unlike last year actually have some units to sell (Motorola was plagued by shipping delays last Christmas). Motorola said 10 of the new handsets are already shipping, so we can expect around 10 more in the next month and a half. As for the red-hot Motorola RAZR V3, there is more speculation that November 15th will be the US debut: bq. And Mr. Garriques [Executive vice president in charge of Motorola's important handset division] says the RAZR V3 will be launched as planned in the U.S. by Cingular Wireless. "It's only a matter of Cingular picking the right day to do it," he says. Motorola expects a Nov. 15 launch. It's "the most exciting phone for us in the last 10 years," Mr. Garriques says. Last week industry leader Nokia announced plans to ship 40 new phones in 2005. There will be no shortage of handsets in the future.