Cingular launches camphone postcard service

Nov 11 2004 - 03:40 PM ET | Camera, Cingular
Cingular today announced a service that lets customers turn pictures taken with mobile phones into post cards. This is similar to an offering announced by PictureTrail last month. Cingular's service is powered by FujiFilm: bq. Cingular customers can now use their camera phones to create personalized Fujifilm photo postcards and send them to anyone in the country via U.S. mail directly from their Cingular handset. To obtain this functionality, you must first download an application: * Login to the Wireless Internet * Select What's Hot from the main menu * Click on Mail a Postcard * After the initial download, the app will be stored in the Games and Apps section of your phone You'll need a Motorola V400 or V600 to use the application, but the download is free. The cost for creating and mailing the postcard is $1.99 each, postage included. The total is added to your monthly bill.