Ringback service finally launches

Oct 22 2004 - 12:16 PM ET | Ringtones
While not a national release, a US carrier was launched a ringback service (just about 11 months after it was supposed to come to the US). Preferred Voice is powering a solution for regional carrier First Cellular of Southern Illinois. Xtreme Ring lets customers change the ringback tone. What's that? It is the ring you hear when you call somebody. You can also customize based on who's calling and more: bq. First Cellular's Xtreme Ring will allow subscribers to personalize their dialing experience and entertain their callers with favorite music tracks, sound effects and self-created messages. For example, a subscriber could assign a ringback to her best friend to hear a song such as "Girls Just Want To Have Fun," while she's waiting for her to pick up or assign "Money, Money, Money" to play for her parents when they call. One will also be able to further select the tune to be heard on a particular day of the week and/or time of the day. We first heard about custom ringbacks in July 2003 and thought that the industry forget about them.