Samsung: 9 new phones in Q4

Nov 15 2004 - 01:53 PM ET | Samsung
If more is better, cell phones are going to be great this holiday season: Samsung promises 9 new phones this quarter for the US market. Earlier this month Motorola promised 10 new handsets. But that's nothing compared to new phones worldwide: Samsung Electronics Corporation, the parent to Samsung Telecommunications America, plans to launch 140 unique mobile phones this year. The new Samsung phones for the US market include: * p735 - A T-Mobile exclusive that was just recently listed on the website * a760 - To be for Sprint PCS. Includes Ready Link push-to-talk. * a790 - Both CDMA and GSM for ultimate roaming. Look for it to launch on Sprint PCS. It's already available on Verizon Wireless. * a740 - A compact device that combines voice, data and imaging services * c207 - lightweight phone for Cingular. Includes Java and AIM.