Mobile phones the next iPod?

Dec 07 2004 - 04:59 PM ET | In The News, Rumor
itunes.jpgFor the most part, MobileTracker has stayed out of the "Will Apple release a cell phone?" battle because the rumors are unsubstantiated, but today a music big shot went on record saying mobile phones may take out the iPod--one of Apple's most prized posessions. Edgar Bronfman, chairman and CEO of Warner Music Group, believes mobile phone carriers will soon become the biggest digital music distributors. bq. Those network operators, said Bronfman, have advantages such as a secure, piracy-resistant network and distribution base of phone-carrying customers much larger than the 5.7 million iPod portable music players that Apple has sold. Apple should debut its iTunes music software on Motorola mobile phone handsets starting in 2005, a fact that could help make a case for Mr. Bronfman's point. However, Apple's iTunes Mobile will allow users to load their own music onto mobile phones, not purchase music from their phones. Since consumers won't be purchasing multiple copies of music, and carriers won't be able to chalk up data fees, this solution is sure to meet some trouble. [via MacMinute]