Camera phone pictures are not printed

Dec 28 2004 - 01:25 AM ET | Camera
The Wall Street Journal has a piece in today's issue [paid subscription req.] about images taken with camera phones only rarely making it off the phone: bq. Keeping images trapped on phones hurts the printer makers, which generate much of their profit from selling ink as well as special photo paper. So the printer makers are trying to persuade consumers to print out images from phones, and not just share them via e-mail. Last year we reported on CVS updating its photo kiosks for camera phones, but nothing was announced about how successful the program has been. Problems facing mobile phone printing are numerous: * Many phones do not have Bluetooth or IR * Consumers are not even thinking of printing their camera phone shots * Most images are such low resolution that the prints are low quality But with camera phones selling with increased volume, printer makers have no choice but to chase the market. Camera phones outsold digital cameras 2-1 in 2004, with the gap predicted to double over the next 2 years.