Vodafone Japan lost subscribers in Jan

Feb 06 2005 - 11:49 PM ET | 3G, Vodafone
Update: Vodafone K.K. has officially announced this story--the actual net-loss was 58,700 customers. The company also announced changes to its executive structure. The press release is available below. Reuters is reporting via an anonymous source that Vodafone K.K. lost subscribers in January, despite a big 3G phone rollout. bq. [Vodafone K.K.] lost about a net 50,000 monthly subscribers in January, despite the launch of its latest line-up of advanced phones, company sources said on Monday.

One of the sources said Japan's third-largest mobile operator's high-speed third-generation (3G) service and phones have met a lukewarm response from Japanese consumers. A spokesman for the company declined comment. In a related story, some analysts in are betting that massive 3G expansion in the US will be a waste of money. Vodafone K.K. announces that at today's Board of Directors Meeting it has decided on changes to its executive structure. William (Bill) T. Morrow, the current Chief Executive of Vodafone UK, will be appointed Representative Executive Officer and President effective 1 April. The current Vodafone K.K. President, Shiro Tsuda, will take on the responsibilities of Executive Chairman while continuing as a Representative Executive Officer, and will also become Chairman of the Board on 1 April. David Jones will complete his term as COO on 31 March. Shiro Tsuda, President & CEO of Vodafone K.K., said: "We are positioning 2005 as the year to turnaround the business as competition further intensifies in Japan, an advanced mobile market leading in 3G. Vodafone K.K. will strengthen its managerial structure by welcoming Bill Morrow, the current Vodafone UK Chief Executive and an individual who is well-versed in the Japanese telecommunications market. Under this new dual leadership structure, we will work to improve results and strengthen our competitiveness over the mid to long term by maximising global synergies together with the Vodafone Group.