Motorola iTunes plans

Mar 10 2005 - 12:15 AM ET | Motorola
CeBIT 2005 -- Motorola announced it plans to ship several phones with iTunes, the popular music jukebox software from Apple computer. As expected, Motorola is having trouble getting carriers to get excited over this phone (Apple CEO Steve Jobs made sure that the phones get loaded via the computer, not over carrier data networks): bq. One model, the E790, was initially scheduled for a European launch this summer, but that introduction has been delayed after discussions with operators At least one of the iTunes phones should be able to store 8-hours of music. Earlier this month Sony Ericsson announced its first "Walkman" phone, the W800i, with 512MB of memory. The Motorla ROKR should be shown off for the first time later this month at M3, a music conference in Miami, FL.