MSN Video Downloads launches

Mar 30 2005 - 12:20 AM ET | Data, Smartphone
msn logoMicrosoft today announced MSN Video Downloads, a video download service for Windows Mobile powered devices (both smartphones and PDAs). Signed content sources include, MTV, Food Network, FOX Sports and IFILM. MSN Video Downloads is available in the United States starting today. A one-year premium membership to the MSN Video Downloads service with access to all available videos is $19.95. A limited amount of content is available without a paid membership. bq. People subscribing to the premium service will be able to select the content they want to receive from the Web site. Digital videos are downloaded daily to a Windows Media Player 10 library, ready to be synchronized with Portable Media Centers and other devices. The video content is compliant with PlaysForSure devices that play video, and is optimized for Portable Media Centers and compatible with Smartphones and Pocket PCs that support Windows Media Player 10 Mobile.