Cingular revamps Go Phone

May 27 2005 - 02:42 AM ET | Cingular
As expected, Cingular Wireless has reintroduced its Go Phone service, bringing all of the company's pre-paid services under the brand. Go Phone was originally marketed by AT&T Wireless and was left largely untapped since the merger last year. There are two rate plans, pay as you go or pick your plan (described in detail below). Earlier this week MobileTracker noted a current patent controversy concerning pre-paid mobile service. Pay as You Go # 10 cents per minute and $1 day (only charged when used).Unlimited Mobile to Mobile calling to all 50 million Cingular customers. # Simple flat rate of 25 cents per minute for all calls with no additional access charges and no mobile to mobile. Pick Your Plan Basically a contract type service agreement without any commitments (can be activated and deactivated on any given month). Credit/debit card or checking account is needed, but there is no credit check. The bill is the same amount every month. The advantage is unlimited nights and weekends.