Treo 700w to be officially announced Monday

Sep 23 2005 - 04:51 PM ET | Palm, Smartphone, Verizon Wireless

UPDATE: The 700w has been officially announced, though Palm hasn't technically used the 700w name yet.

Palm Treo 700wPalm has announced a press conference with both Microsoft and Verizon Wireless for Monday the 26th. This can only mean one thing... The Treo 700w will be officially announced. The announcement begins at 9AM and will be held in San Francisco.

To recap, the Treo 700w is expected to have the following:

  • Powered by Windows Mobile 5.0
  • EV-DO high-speed data
  • Bluetooth
  • 64MB memory plus SD card slot

Since Verizon is part of the conference and their logo was on the leaked images, expect them to have an exclusive on the Treoo 700w for some amount of time. Sprint had the exclusive on the Treo 650 last year.

CTIA IT begins in San Francisco the very next day.