Cingular wireless re-launches Nokia 6682

Oct 04 2005 - 12:45 PM ET | Cingular, Nokia

MobileTracker has posted a review of the Nokia 6682

UPDATE: Shortly after the posting of this story the 6682 re-appeared for sale. It had been down since September. If you do purchase this phone we would be interested in knowing the firmware version to see if it has indeed been updated.

UPDATE 2: Cingular gave MobileTracker the backstory on what happened with the 6682. The full statement is available in the extended article.

Nokia 6682Cingular Wireless has [at least temporarily] stopped selling the Nokia 6682 according to the online store and various reports from retail employees. However there has been no official confirmation and it's possible that Cingular pulled the phone for another reason. The phone was launched less than a month ago but was met with bug reports from many users. If the phone was pulled because of these bugs (which appear to be fairly widespread), it's likely we'll see a re-launch of the phone after a firmware update, similar to what happened to the Motorola MPx220.

The buggy behavior is mostly related to contacts, specifically call logs disappearing and problems copying from the SIM card. is listing a month plus wait for the Nokia 6682, LetsTalk says coming soon and online sales powerhouse Inphonic doesn't even list the handset. Also interesting, is no longer listing the 6682 as available with service and only has the unlocked version for sale.

Cingular noted the following to MobileTracker:

Cingular did put a temporary a ship hold on the Nokia 6682 after identifying a problem during quality assurance testing of the handset with new 3G SIM cards, This is standard quality assurance procedure. The ship-hold began on September 23 and was lifted on September 30. During that time Cingular retail outlets, agent locations and online store were able to sell devices in stock. The problem, which affects voicemail access, is unique to the 3G SIM. These SIM cards are not available for purchase at this time. Customers who have purchased the Nokia 6682 handset are not affected.

Delivering the highest quality wireless experience to its customers is a top priority for Cingular. Cingular is working with Nokia to resolve the 3G issue.