Cingular to re-brand as AT&T [updated]

Nov 20 2005 - 09:57 PM ET | Cingular

UPDATE: According to RCR News, this may not be the case. A Cingular spokesperson stated that SBC CEO Whitacre was talking about SBC taking on a name change (they have already converted into AT&T). MobileTracker is awaiting confirmation from Cingular.

att_horiz_color_sml.jpgCingular Wireless is going to re-brand its wireless under the AT&T name. The change is spurred by SBC (Cigular's parent company) buying out AT&T and getting rights to the name. Last year Cingular bought out AT&T Wireless and converted it under its existing brand.

In an interview with USA TODAY on Friday, Whitacre left no doubt about his plans. Asked if the company planned to drop the Cingular name in favor of the AT&T brand, Whitacre said, "Yes, we do."

A time frame was not announced for the rebranding. The merger between SBC and AT&T was a $16 billion deal.