BlackBerry gets Google Talk, Local

Jan 12 2006 - 11:13 AM ET | Backpage, Data, Research In Motion

Research and Motion and Google today announced that Google Talk and Google Local will be supported through the BlackBerry Wireless platform.

"As mobile technology continues to converge, consumers are becoming increasingly more connected and require access to information at home, at work, and on the road," said Deep Nishar, Director, Product Management, Google Inc. "By extending Google Talk and Google Local beyond the desktop, BlackBerry users will have greater access to the information they need regardless of where they are."

Google Talk for BlackBerry sounds pretty tightly integrated: there are home screen notifications for new IMs, integration with the email inbox and easy access to the BlackBerry Calendar. Google Local for BlackBerry is similar to the Java version released for a bunch of phones last year--full searching of businesses, live scrolling of maps and even satellite photography.

Google Talk for BlackBerry is expected to be available in the Spring timeframe. Google Local for mobile is available today at Both applications are free.