Nokia, Motorola, others join DVB-H alliance

Jan 23 2006 - 11:47 AM ET | Backpage, Data, Motorola, Nokia

A group of industry leaders today announced an alliance to promote Digital Video Broadcasting - Handheld. The DVB-H standard is a method of getting live TV content on mobile phones. The Mobile DTV Alliance is made up of: Intel, Motorola, Nokia, Modeo and Texas Instruments.

Using mobile devices capable of decoding DVB-H signals, users will be able to receive live TV programming from the mobile TV function directly on their phone and other devices. In addition, users will benefit from on-demand and interactive programming that would utilize the cellular network, thereby increasing revenue opportunities for operators. The DVB-H standard benefits operators by preserving cellular network bandwidth for voice and other data services.

Like MediaFLO and some other technologies to get TV on mobiles, DVB-H is multi-cast so there is no incremental cost for additional viewers.