Mobile DTV alliance welcomes Microsoft

Mar 02 2006 - 10:17 AM ET | 3G, Backpage, Smartphone

The Mobile DTV Alliance is already brimming with heavy hitters with the likes of Intel, Motorola, Nokia, and Texas Instruments, but today it welcomes Microsoft to the fold. The Mobile DTV Alliance encourages the deployment of DVB-H in North America.

According to Modeo president Michael Schueppert via MobileMag,

"…having Microsoft’s name attached to the DVB-H standard, it will “accelerate the introduction of mobile digital television based on DVB-H into cell phones, PDAs, laptops and portable media players.” Window Media Player is quite popular, and it seems to be a natural choice that some form of that software might be used for DVB-H purposes".

With Microsoft dominance in the desktop and laptop space, and it's proliferation of Windows Mobile 5.0 in the handheld/SmartPhone space, backing DVB-H as the standard can only help solidify this variation as the preferred DVB technology for mobile providers in North America.